products are arranged by lifestyle category to allow for easy merchandising and no-fuss buying. travel accessories and bags can be found in the traveling category, handbags and clutches can be found under living, yoga bags and sports bags are found under moving, market totes are found under shopping, wallets and key chains are under accessorizing, and laptop cases can be found under working. retailers can feel free to mix and match between categories, or simply concentrate on one or two categories that pertain to their own customers.

wholesale minimums are low to encourage retailers to try out the brand. we know that after trying out the products, customers will love ing bags and will ask for more.


wholesale handbag specifics:

minimums: overall orders must reach at least a $200 minimum and clients must order at least 5 pieces of each style chosen

samples: clients are encouraged to order samples to check out new styles, our minimum order of $200 does however also pertain to samples, although we understand that you will only be ordering one piece of each style.

shipping: shipping is from Bolivia and will usually be via DHL for smaller orders and air freight for larger orders

pricing: our prices are FOB Bolivia. most customers add 30% to our price for their landed price (including shipping and customs costs)

payment terms: first time customers must pay sample orders and their first wholesale order up front; orders thereafter will be extended net 30 day payments terms

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